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Dance connection has become my girl’s home away from home! They started dancing for Ms. Deb over 5 years ago and it has been the best decision I have made for them. They have learned so much dancing there, from technique, to self-confidence. They have also made some amazing friends along the way that will now be their lifelong friends. The staff at Dance Connection is absolutely amazing and my girls adore Ms. Deb, Ms. Lesley, and Ms. Kaitlin. – Randall Herrera

I’ve been going to Dance Connection’s recitals since 2006. I have hoped to be a part of their dance family since the very first recital I attended. In 2009, I signed my daughter up, and it was the best decision I made. Ms. Deb has helped my daughter grow in so many ways. Dance has taught my daughter self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, and determination. The love and encouragement she receives from Ms. Deb have molded her into the person she is today. I am incredibly grateful for everything Ms. Deb and the studio has done for my daughter. I would highly recommend Dance Connection if you are looking for a safe and fun place for your child. – Becky Wilson

My daughter Sofia has attended Dance Connection for 8 years. She was a shy and sensitive girl starting at Dance Connection. But after some time we could see a change in her and she started becoming more outgoing and sure about herself. Today she is helping other shy kids to enjoy dance and exercise as a student teacher.

We could not be more grateful for Ms. Deb for getting Sofia where she is now. Thank you so much and we highly recommend Dance Connection to everyone. They will make your child flourish.

“We did not expect to find something so special in the small town that has been so great for our daughter.”

– Maria Sinda